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  Epoxy resin flow automatically the level land level ground

     Ground this Shell resin advanced to import epoxy resin that raw materials make add other solidification pharmaceutical , strengthen pharmaceutical , material scene of increasing the tough pharmaceutical etc. construct to adopt British And become 。
    Accommodation: Medicine, living beings, an electron, trades , such as food ,etc., need to meet the workplace of the request such as being corrosion-resistant , wear-resisting and clean, especially medical trade, flowing automatically on the flat clean ground can meet GMP authentication request 。
    Characteristic: Nonpoisonous, tasteless, pollution-free , wear-resisting to decrease , shock- resistant , corrosion-resistant , adhesive force strong , peel off , full of cracks , elegant in appearance , gorgeous easy to wash , blow dust color and luster.
    Main technical indicator :
      Hardness of surface :H-4H
      Compression strength: ≥60MPa
      Glue the intensity of forming: 2.5-5.0MPa
      Wearability :≤26mg/cm(CSl7,500g,1000R)
      Resist and assault : There is no crack , does not dust (1kg Steel ball lm Drop freely
      high )
      Recommend the thickness of coating :1-3mm

    Technological process: Clear up foundation it - can't scribble ring oxygen bottom- ring oxygen intermediate level - there aren't ring oxygen
    Section system of the structure

  Ring oxygen mortar flow automatically the level land level ground

    This ground is by the ring oxygen ester, modify amine solidification pharmaceutical , high-quality pigment , quartz powder , increase tough pharmaceutical , auxiliary , strengthen the pharmaceutical , organic solvent ,etc. a dozen kinds of raw materials, through is it disperse , allocate to grind, for become many kinds of corrosion-resistant resin membrane material scene make corrosion-resistant whole mortar ground mainly.
    Accommodation: Suitable for having to the building where sour , alkali , saline medium act on / the ground and equipment are basic, if the making acid, chlorine alkali workshop of chemical plant; The metallurgy industry is electrolytic, the wet law smelts the workshop ; Medicinal chemicals workshops , medical intermedia workshops of the pharmaceutical factory; And produce the agriculture chemical , fine chemistry industry workshop ,etc..
          Adhesive force is strong and steel , firm sticking of earth's surface of cement, do not
   peel off , crack ;
     It is strong to be able to bear water , sour , alkali , oil , chemical medicines and
   ageing- resistant performance, heat-resisting and insulating and of good performance, the
   ground is too pliable and tough to skid , do not mildew ;
      Tough and tensile and wear-resisting, bear pressure strong , is it strike to resist , it
   is bright and clean for ground to level, no dust , easy to wash will arise ;
     The whole is beautiful , smooth , has no dust , not sews , nonpoisonous, the color is
   bright, it is easy to wash! ;
     Purifying the request can be reached 100-100,000 Grade ;
     Recommend the thickness of mortar :5-7mm;
    Technological process: Ground clear up - ground floor coating - mortar layer - seal layer- flow on flat story
    Section system of the structure:

  poxy resin applies paint the ground level ground with a brush

   Ground this regard epoxy resin or the polyurethane resin as main sill , mix with color packing , auxiliary , solvent and solidification pharmaceutical, adopt the ways , such as brushing , the roller or the spraying ,etc. to scribble and put constructing .
    Accommodation: Suitable for the electric apparatus, ground projects , such as industrial factory buildings , such as electron , machinery , chemical industry , tobacco , medicine , food , textile , etc. and parking area , supermarket , storage storehouse ,etc..
    Characteristic: Decrease corrosion-resistantly , wear-resistingly ; Have not sew, dustproof , easy to wash wholly It is convenient , cheap to maintain 。
    Main technical indicator :
      Hardness of surface :H-4H
      Compression strength :≥60MPa
      Shock-resistant: There is no crack , not dust (1kgSteel ball,lm Freedom dropping )
      Glue the intensity of forming :1.5-5.0MPa
      Wearability : ≤40mg/cm2(CSl7,500g,1000R)
      Recommend the thickness of coating :0.5-3mm

  Lead the static ground

    Ground this is it lead static epoxy resin ground coating to adopt, the middle set up electric conduction layer, in order to lead the static coating each, can prevent the static from accumulating effectively 。
    Accommodation:Trades , such as telecommunications , petrochemical industry , medicine , light industry , textile , printing ,etc。
     Characteristic: The surface level, has no seam , shock-resistant , is able to bear heavy pressure , wear-resisting decreasing , corrosion-resistant , acidproof alkali , able to bear the chemical medicines , defending the static of good performancly, it accords with the national standard that the ground lets out the resistance GB6650-86A One grade of standards , The resistance and resistance of area of body surface reach 104Ω-108Ω。
    Main technical indicator:
      Compression strength :≥60Mpa
      Glue the intensity of forming :2.5-5.0Mpa
      Wearability :≤40mg/cm2(CSl7,500g,1000R)
      Resist the assaulting : There is no crack , not dust (1kgSteel ball,lm Freedom
      Resistivity of surface :1.0x105-1.0x10loft2
      Recommend the thickness of coating :0.5-3mm


  The prevention of corrosion and project of keeping warm

  Accepting the project of various kinds of prevention of corrosion in speciality of our factory, the pond inside lining of water tank is dealt with, the pipeline and equipment keep the project warm. The glass fibre reinforced plastic stores the trough , store pot , cement pool lining and metal glass fibre reinforced plastic lining (or outside reply ) of outer cover adopt corrosion-resistant resin and surface felt of glass fibre make the story of prevention of corrosion, hit with unsaturated polyester resin alkali glass fibre cloth is it strengthen layer to make , able to bear corrosivity high. The intensity is good, have long performance life. Used in the equipment of storing the pot , pickling the trough , ion permutater etc. in electricity , metallurgy , petroleum , chemical industry , printing and dye , machinery , environmental protection ,etc. extensively 。

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