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    FRP The water tank has replaced the steel water tank and water tank of other structure gradually now with the long excellent performance of its light , corrosion-resistant and of good performance , service life , widely used on the social all respects.

   FRP The water tank is divided basically in using: SMC sectional water tank and two big classes of whole FRP water tank

  一、 SMC Sectional water tank

SMC- making up type Brief introduction of water tank of glass fibre reinforced plastic

    SMC sectional water tank is the new-type water tanks that is generally adopted in the world at present. Assembled by high-quality SMC water tank board of the whole . Characteristic its to adopt food magnitudes of resin, so water quality fine, clean pollution-free; High , light , corrosion- resistant to have intensity, the appearance is beautiful , have long performance life , maintain and manage conveniently when the characteristic.
    SMC sectional glass fibre reinforced plastic water tank that our factory produces is State Bureau of Building Materials Industry and Ministry of Construction [1999]330 First batch of products recommended of number file , Complete Accord with the standard of State Bureau of Building Materials Industry JC658.1-1997、JC658.2-1997的 Technical feature is required. This water tank is measured by the national relevant department, its water tankAccord with GB/T7219-98 " life drinking water is it mix water equipment and security appraisal norm of protective materials to fail " require, water quality accords with " drinking water standard of life " of the country
   (GB5749-85) Extensively suitable for the buildings , such as industrial and mining , enterprises and institutions , house , hotels and retaurants ,etc., store water facilities with water as life drinking water , fire demand water and other.

SMC- making up type The water tank of glass fibre reinforced plastic is constructed

    SMC sectional glass fibre reinforced plastic water tank is it in charge of systematic scene assemble to worthy of by SMC mould pressing plate, sealed material, metal structure piece. Can need according to users Assemble 0.125-1500 Water tank of cubic meter. If the original water tank needs changing, does not need to transform the house , adaptability is very strong, designed and constructed and brought greatly and conveniently. The general water tank is designed according to the standard, the special water tank needs designing specially. Adopt specialize in finalize the design products is it bring to seal , should is it bring nonpoisonous , able to bear water , heavy for ever out of shape and little elasticity to seal on water tank seal. Seal firmly. The whole intensity of the water tank is high, without seepage, it is out of shape not to have, maintain , overhaul it conveniently.

SMC- making up type Water tank plate of glass fibre reinforced plastic

   SMC water tank board adopt food grades of a block of material of SMC that resin produced , suppress by high temperature , high pressure , machinery. On manufacturing engineering, the making way to press shaping of the taking machine, has increased antidetonation, resisted the intensity struck, overcome bearing the ability of pressing of the water tank, have around the plate at the same time 45 Degree of sum 90 Flange of degree , Not needing the corner attachment while assembling, have flexibility and flexibility even more, there are the plate specification of the water tanks :1000x1000mm1000x500mm;500x500mm; There is the thickness 5mm;10mm;12mm; 14mm;16mm;18mm; Six kinds. Among them 5mm The thickness panel is special-purpose to make water tank apron. Therefore can assemble wantonly into a water tank of the necessary capacity .

SMC- making up type The water tank of glass fibre reinforced plastic is selected for use to prove

    a)  Should offer the type , volume , size of water tank , take over the position , pipe diameter and
    storing water temperature when users order goods 。
    b)  SMC sectional glass fibre reinforced plastic water tank foundation join under sewing deploying
    baring or square to prop up the mound in plate generally, it is high to prop up the mound 500mm,
    The mound is wide 300mm Look on as the height of the water tankGreater than or equal to 3 Should
    prop up mound surface give and bury the steel plate when the rice.
    c)  SMC sectional glass fibre reinforced plastic water tank should is it overhaul distance to have
    from the wall ( Not lower than 600mm)。
    d)  Water tank that users offered should be subject to water tank position while taking over the
    position 。
    e)  Work of supplying power , supplying water , draining off water temporarily etc., is helped to
    solve by the order unit.

SMC- making up type Water tank operation instructions of glass fibre reinforced plastic

    a) Water tank store water temperature is it order goods require store water temperature , there are
    special requests to greater than, please explain while ordering goods.
    b) This water tank stores the water tank for the atmosphere, must not use according to the water tank
    of the pressure .
    c) Sectional water tank can't internal and external wall burn-in part in water tank, is it destroy
    board and seal installation to prevent, should resolve with our factory through consultation if
    there are special requests 。
    d) This water tank can't store the liquid beyond water , and can't move the position by oneself , if
    there are special requests, should explain ahead of time 。
    e) If water tank sets up and freezes to crack or forms and reveals the possible area, users should
    consider keeping warm or defending and forming the measure of revealing .
    f) Water tank pass in and out valve shut off , wash and supply water of the pipeline , prevented the
    gravel and sand from entering water tank first before not using.

SMC- water tank Install and confirm

    a) It is not smaller than that reserve between case body and wall while installing 600mm Access
    path,case top , bottom of the case it smaller than 500mm。
    b) Building construction is it prop up mound to finish first when constructing, and case body
    connection of plate is it should is it prop up mound to drop on to sew around the water tank 。
    c) Close the outlet pipe and water-drain mast after making up, open into the water pipe , check while
    turning on the water , until full water being water-tight and qualified in 24 hours.

SMC sectional water tank -Install the foundation and size and require the sketch map
SMC sectional water tank structure graphic presentation

  二、 Whole FRP water tank

   Whole FRP water tank is the water tank not going all out to defeat the seam , generally suitable for the more pickup water tank , advantage its use installation to be convenient , save space , seepage , light, the intensity is heavy , resist Assault , resist crookedly , easily to repair.
   Can FRP method of inside lining manufacture whole water tank also, is it make with concrete , metal , all kinds of sill pond and antiseptic inside lining of the water tank to suitable for, reaching the high-quality antiseptic , result of prevention of seepage, construction is convenient, the price is cheap. Whole inside lining at present already fire control water tank and all kinds of antiseptic extensive application of project water tank.

Project picture show of the water tank

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