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  Our factory is a professional factory producing FRP ventilator , the products have been already widely used in the field of each of society, the ventilator products have the following several large variety mainly:

 ◆ Centrifugal air blower

    4-72 Type at odds with the community or the leadership ventilator of glass fibre reinforced plastic: Have light , power consumptive and low , such advantages as the noise is little , corrosion- resistant , longe-lived, and can provide together and reduce and shake the pedestal or the steel seat frame , this wind mechanism is done superiorly, different kinds of specifications are for users to select for use 。
    4-72 Glass fibre reinforced plastic air blower shock absorber pedestal of the type
   1 、 Shock absorber and reducing and shaking the pedestal steelframe and can be
   provided together, users, according to the type ofthe necessary air blower,rotational
   speed of the air blower , rotating the direction , position of air outlet
   ,manufacturer, electrical machinery type , shock absorber type ,etc. are selected for
   use and ordered.
   2 , a picture collection is worthy of using two kinds of shock abs orbers: The spring
   shock absorber of the Model TJ1 and Model JG rubber shear the shock absorber. Enviro-
   nment temperature which the former uses - 35 Degree ~+60Degree,Need to dispose rain-
   prooves to cover when being used in outdoors, the environment temperature that the
   latter uses is -5Degree~+50Degree, The outside set has rubber protection covers, can
   be used in outdoors.
   3 、 Is it shake system including heat preservation of air blower weight in the gross
   weight to reduce, heat preservation great weight mean corresponding to is it shake
   system must upper limit and difference of lower limit to reduce most.
   4 、 Reduce and shake the pedestal installation procedure :
     (1) Is it shake pedestal can put on bury foundation , cement ground alone while
    being shallow , floor or at the roofing to reduce 。
     (2) Is it reduce vibration pedestal ground , floor or aspect of office should make
    level before installation to install 。
     (3) The steel support must not be welded with the shock absorber.
     (4) Reduce and shake the pedestal installation procedure :
         a、 Put the wooden cushion by planning to install the position of the shock
    absorber first (or the jack) , the quantity is no less than 4, to highly take is
    slightly more high in primitive height than the shock absorber 。
         b、 Put the steel support on the wooden cushion 。
         c、 Install air blower , electrical machinery , air blower chassis and need to
    keep Shi warm in the steel support , the heat preservation should construct at the
    same time in air blower installation 。
         d、 Put in position definitely of giving shock absorber,take wooden cushion away,
    check-up every shock absorber highly equal after compressing, if not equal, need to
    move the shock absorber or the air blower , electrical machinery , make every shock
    absorber highly equal, at the same time , should make the steel support keep compe-
    tence .
         e、Tightenning the bolt that air blower ,electrical machinery and shock absorber
    connected with steel support, the rubber of the shock absorber bottom is put on the
    ground , floor or roofing directly, do not make any anchor of firm connections .
         f、 Install tuber pipe and air blower and pass in and out the hose among the
    draughts to connect, the hose can't be strained 。
         g , the air blower runs and tests, check the stationarity that the air blower
    operates and shock absorber to hinder without reason.
    5、 Reduce and shake the permission deviation that the pedestal is installed:
     (1) Support 2 mm. of relative discrepancy in elevation of wanton two o'clock on
    structure in the installation shock absorber place 。
     (2) Every shock absorber in bear and load the relative altitude deviation after an



 ◆ Roof air blower

  一、BWS-85-6 Type centrifugal roof air blower
  WS-85-6 Type serial glass fibre reinforced plastic roof air blower advanced roof arrange wind equipment both at home and abroad. Suitable for the hotels and retaurants , shadow drama mainly Take a breath in ventilation of buildings , such as institute , office building , laboratory , factory building , house ,etc. 。
   It is handsome in appearance that there are this serial air blowers, structure compactness , intensity are high , light, corrosion-resistant resisting wearing out , power consumptive provincing, noise low, turn round reliable , is it maintain characteristic such as being convenient to install, it is in charge of testing in the gentle mound adopting the entrances and exits, compare with the like product, efficiency improves 30%。
   According to the needs of user our company can also produce the anti-blast roof air blower , its performance is and the same as number .
  二、BWS-87-3 Type low in noise roof air blower of glass fibre reinforced plastic

     BDW-87-3 Type glass fibre reinforced plastic low in noise roof air blower used in industry and civil building all kinds of arrange wind and part rank the wind in an all-round way extensively, especially hotel , school , hospital , conference hall , theatre ,etc. need the quiet place is more suitable . It have noise to be low light with high efficiency, corrosion-resistant , structure compactness , aesthetic in appearance operating advantaging such as being reliable 。
  三、BDW-87-4 Type centrifugal roof air blower of glass fibre reinforced plastic

     BDW-87-4 Type glass centrifugal room machine air blower, adopt stepless speed regulation electrical machinery , select for use high-quality glass steel material Seiko make shaping, performance of the air blower, the noise is measured and reached the designing requirement , it is with high efficiency , power consumptive and few , light , corrosion-resistant , operate the characteristic of installing reliably simply etc. to have. It is here that the noise can be limited 65(A) Less than decibel, if noise level can meet the demands still, can is it eliminate noise the case to add between foundation and air blower, our factory can design for users , and process.
  四、BDW-87-5 Type explosion-proof centrifugal roof air blower
     Air blower this is it have anti-blast request all kinds of industry and agriculture building , war industry building , factory building workshop , laboratory , warehouse ,etc. ventilation of office take a breath generally to used in. Its service condition is: Ambient air temperature: ≤90℃; Relative humidity ≤85%; Dust content and other solid impurity content ≤150mg/m3; Ambient noise ;≤60(dB)。
  五、BDW-87-7 Type axle flowing type roof air blower

   Air blower this ventilate as petroleum , chemical industry , metallurgy , machinery , national defence , warehouse , theatre heavy construction and room of hotel exhaust use mainly. The gas sent does not contain the viscidity material , the dust and particle included are not greater than 150mg/m3, Its temperature can't exceed 60℃。
      The ventilator flows in the axis of the roof to have No4-10 Amounts to seven kinds of machine number . The pattern of the transmission is transmission of A type (Electricity Federation ). Air blower by the impeller , dryer , carrying The cap , motor , rain-proof covering etc. and making up partly 。
        Air blower this performance steady, operate balance , low noise have , run safe and reliable. The impeller is corrected through the quiet balance , vibration is small, the structure of the air blower is rational , it is easy to safeguard. Air blower this install department carry on work in roof , need to install the ventilation shaft .
Type glass fibre reinforced plastic roof air blower
    BDW-87-8 The type glass fibre reinforced plastic roof air blower has a low noise, vibration is small. The outer cover adopts the hot latest antiseptic craft of spraying to deal with, the corrosivity of resisting the moist atmosphere is strong, can guarantee to operate steadily under the condition outside the room of the air blower . Suitable for the pressure ventilation of modernized architectural design , such as electricity , petroleum , chemical industry , metallurgy , warehouse ,etc..
       The air blower is installed vertically on the roof, there is a mushroom shape hood that defends the sleet. Still furnished with the loose leaf air door that can be opened automatically, the air door is closed when the air blower stops operating, indoor heat by reducing winter is lost , the air door of the loose leaf is the air blower enclosure , selected for use while ordering goods by users.
     Mushroom shape hood and chassis are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. The hood and chassis can be dismantled and separated, easy to install, maintenance. The impeller is united on the electrical machinery directly , adopt it on the wing shape blade of glass fibre reinforced plastic, make the air blower have good pneumatic performance .
     Air blower job medium for industry atmosphere , worthy of medium temperature at spending ordinary electrical machinerying when operating ≤40℃( Worthy of while using the anti-blast electrical machinery, medium ≤ Temperature 55℃)。 Look on as medium temperature 25℃ Hour, the relative humidity does not exceed 95%, The dust content (including the solid impurity ) of the medium should not be exceeded100 Milligram / cubic meter. If the operation terms of air blower exceed above-mentioned regulations , need to propose while ordering goods , make and design specially 。
        The air blower performance that the factory offers, mean (temperature is in the standard state 20℃、 Relative humidity 50%, Pressure 101325Pa(760 Mm. of mercury ) gas to raw of the post 1.2 Kilogram / one cubic meter of ) air performance of hour. If the ventilator , while working under the non-standard state, its performance should be converted through the corresponding formula.
  七、BDW-87-9 Type glass fibre reinforced plastic roof air blower

    BDW-87- 9 types are an ordinary glass fibre reinforced plastic roof air blower, run in a situation that there is no corrosivity medium seriously, explosion-proof, in ventilate in taking a breath using generally, can process into and separate the producing type glass roof air blower also, accede to and defend the static charcoal material material of the raw materials of glass fibre reinforced plastic, and adopt and can be used in the engineering room with the anti-blast request through the producing type electrical machinery.
     This product has the following characteristics: The appearance is square, coordinate with the building, handsome in appearance; Have adopted the province electricity , noise are low , electrical machinery small in vibration with high efficiency of machinery , and transfer the root of fangfeng of the association air blower , rain-proof function. Suitable for in industry, civil building conduct is it take a breath to ventilate, get rid of remaining energy ,etc. with improve room environmental terms spend.
     This there is altogether type air blower the symbols for 4 Number comes 10 Six kinds of specifications of number (separate the exploding type 4 Number comes 7 Four kinds of specifications of number ), suitable for ≤40℃ Situation lay run.

 八、FDW3 、FDW4 、FWT4 Serial centrifugal roof air blowers Take a breath and use ordinary centrifugal a ventilator of room in part FWT4-85-11 The series:
   (1) The workshop , industry use: Factory building of the factory , warehouse , animal
   farm ,etc. 。
   (2) The building and public house: Take a breath in part of high-story building and
   general building.
   (3) Various kinds of public places : School , hospital , laboratory , gymnasium ,
   cinema , hotel ,etc. ventilate and take a breath 。
   (4) Ambient air condition while using: Dust content and other solid impurity content
   ≤150mg/m3、 Temperature ≤80℃。
    Low in noise centrifugal roof ventilator FDW3-88-11 Series :
   (1) Take a breath in part of different communal facilities:Memorial museum,museum ,
   hotels and retaurants , school , gymnasium , hospital , office building ,etc. 。
   (2) The building and public house: Take a breath in part of the general building on
   the senior level .
   (3) Ambient air condition while using: Dust content and other solid impurity content
   ≤150mg/m3 、 Temperature ≤60℃。
     Structure, characteristic of designing:
   FDW3-88-11 、FDW4-75-11 Serial low in noise roof ventilators will bring the fresh , comfortable living environment to you, noise its low to turn round reliable, adopt stepless speed regulation outside fasten electrical machinery (adjust through voltage regulator high or low prices of voltage change electrical machinery rotational speed) 。
   Performance heavy to regulate range, compact structure have, outer cover impeller adopts the glass steel material , weight is relatively light , handsome in appearance , economy is durable, it is convenient to maintain 。
   FWT4-85-11 Serial roof at odds with the community or the leadership coherent machine machine heavy , quiet to pigeonhole relatively high flow have , adopt the Y series three-phase electrical machinery, voltage 380 Bend over . Chassis impeller adopt glass steel material, relatively light weight, appearance beautiful, maintain convenient.


 ◆ Axle flowing type air blower

 一、 T35-11 The air blower flows in the glass fibre reinforced plastic axis of the type
     Brief introduction of air blower :FT35-11 The air blower flows in the type axis, substitute 30K4 、T30 、T40 Waiting for the ideal air blowers of some old products, efficiency improves
   Get 89.5%, The noise is reduced than (A) grade 3.6dB。 This air blower is a kind of high-efficient low-voltage ventilator that a national mechanical committee used widely, this air blower
   The power consumption is low , with low noises, and characteristic of it is corrosion-resistant to have the fine oning etc.. Can be used as the trades , such as industrial factory building , machine- building , chemical industry , printing and dye , electroplating , medicine ,etc., the buildings , such as theatre , hotel , office block , various kinds of houses ,etc., if remove the wind shell; Can use as freedom fan also, can exhaust in the pipeline in a long one, the interval contacts and installs, in order to pressing completely while improving the pipeline.
        Pattern of the air blower :T35 Flow air blower of type axle ,divide diameter size in accordance with impeller for No2.8、3.15、4、4.5 、5、5.6 、6.3、
  7.1、8、9、10、11.2 Amounting to 13 kinds of machine number, it is all 4 slices that the blade of the first kind of machine number is counted , the blade can be put 15°20°25°30°
  35°、 Wait for five kinds of angles. So every machine symbol install size of angle with blade , rotational speed speed different main shaft have, the wind pressure of the air blower, wind amount and power consumed are different.
        Transmission way: Selecting every motor very much for use, link with the impeller directly, the organism outer cover is made into the round tube-shape, it is a clockwise direction to rotate the direction (observe by the direction of the motor)
       Air blower operation instructions: Adoption FT35-11 Type axle flow air blower, is it must consider the connection way with the pipeline when the air outlet joins the pipeline to take, in order to reduce wind flexible to is it take over piece spreads losses led to the fact to pigeonhole. As the diameter of the pipeline is greater than the multiple of the air blower dryer, smaller than 1.5 Time is managed The length is smaller than the internal diameter of the pipeline 5-8 The diffuser will not be put when the time. Should install the diffuser when the diameter of the tunnel is greater than the diameter of the air blower dryer by 1.5 times. If use in exhausting pipelining long, contacting installation can increase the wind pressure among the air blower, but two typhoon machines can't be separated by it is too far. Check in installation whether every position connection is firm , and have no prescription of colliding to use formally after trying rotating, notice air blower have unusual voice , find abnormal situation should be overhauled in time often.

 二、 BT35-11 The type explosion-proof is fire-retardant the air blower flows in an axis

 三、 BZ-T30K4-11 The air blower flows in the type axis

 四、 GD30K2-12 The air blower flows in the type axis
    GD30K2-12 The ventilator flows in the type axis, consult and design on the basis of FBZ-11 type.
     Its greatest characteristic is: (1) The motor is put in the top of the dryer, but V belt transmission, but regulate the centre-to- centre spacing properly, group fixes and isolates the transmission from medium in the central sealed tube of dryer, so can send the moist gas and harmful to the gas of the electrical machinery . (2) Can use the method to change revolution , reach and change the flow , the purpose of the wind pressure. If need to send and containing corrosivity , flammable gas , put forward the request when can order .

 五、 FZ50 The air blower flows in the glass fibre reinforced plastic axis of the type

 六、 FT401 The air blower flows in the type axis
FT401(T40-11) Type axle flow air blower department is it is it design to improve to go on on the basis of original T30 type, air from a original one efficiency 69% Bring up to
  84%, One of simple structure, noise little low-voltage axle shed the air blower. The ones that can make the factory building , warehouse , office , house and ventilate and take a breath or heat the heating and dispel the heat are used. If remove the wind shell , can also be used as the freedom fan. Can exhaust in the pipeline in a long one, interval is it install to contact, in order to improve to all press pipeline.
    FT401 Type axle flow ventilator is it transport vapor and corrosivity gas to suit, its temperature can't exceed 60℃, While exceeding this temperature, it please explain to order goods. In order to select the new materials for use.
     Transmission way: Do not exceed in the speed in week of the impeller 60m/s Under the condition , select the motor for use each , connect with directness of the impeller . The organism outer cover making
Simple shape , watch the impeller in the face of angry directions, the rotatory direction is anticlockwise.

 七、 BHW The ventilator flows in the vertical axis of glass fibre reinforced plastic of the type
Use: Glass fibre reinforced plastic vertical axle flow ventilator papermaking industry paper machine special-purpose arranging wind equipment related. Can be used in other trades, it is the equipment which gets rid of the moisture with more ideal body.
     This air blower wind amount,, wind pressure range relatively heavy, can be used as importing to the gas , can be used as outputting the gas. This air blower has acidproof , alkali , performance corroded, operate the balance , the noise is low. Send medium temperature -60℃~80℃
Structure form : Air blower for being vertical to install, electrical machinery , in chassis for external use belt transmission , blade make wing shape blade for glass fibre reinforced plastic, altogether 12
   Slice, install the angle 20 Degree, 25 Degree, 30 Degree, 、35 Degree, Can select for use according to the performance form according to the need .
     This product series are divided into four kinds of machine number differently according to the diameter of the impeller . The transmission way is a C type, promptly 8C、10C、12C 、14C。 Consider paper factory need , vertical axle related to it to is it in charge of , is it is it supply together to in charge of to expand directly to to flow ventilator. Can offer the air blower according to the needs of user also but other fittings.
    Install and maintain: 1、 Installation check every part damage , part complete , check and linked to the bolt hole of the part not to conform in detail 。2 , the blade installation angles mentioned are corrected according to ordering goods. Require blade install angle error can't greater than 0.5° , is it check to go on according to the fixed gyration direction, whether every position is rotated flexibly, have phenomenon of gritting with the regular position 。3、 Check that it is good that the bearing lubricates the situation , if there are no users , should change the lubricating oil 。4、 The equipment must be installed in the centre, balanced. Installation carries on the running-in, in order to correct , adjust further. Can operate in a situation that the air blower equipment is totally normal only; If the air blower equipment is started after overhauling, it is normal to need to pay attention to every position of the air blower; To the repair of the air blower equipment , do not allow to go on during operating ; The bearing temperature operated should not exceed 80 degrees Centigrade , should also add , change the new lubricating oil regularly ; Air blower equipment is it have unusual noise , excessive to is it should is it check to shut down to shake to find in operating; When change the blade , notice original angle is it by mistake , is it make quiet balance correct again to want to install; Check frequently whether there is phenomenon of becoming flexible in the bolt of the regular blade. It is hot moisture body because of getting rid of, often maintain the main part of the air blower, and the dust , dirt in equipment , pipeline removing the air blower and sending the thorough fare regularly.

 ◆ The air blower flows obliquly

    SJG Oblique flowing type pipeline air blower of series
    SJG Serial high-efficient low noise oblique person who flow pipeline air blower have concurrently at odds with the community or the leadership air blower pressure coefficient high and axle flow air blower flow coefficient high characteristic, Have the characteristics that the high-efficient district is broad at the same time . Its of simple structure, enter wind and produce wind direction lie the same axis , size the same to combine imports and exports have There is flange linked with the tuber pipe of the same diameter. Can substitute the low-voltage centrifugal air blower , save the investment and occupation of land , simplify engineering design , Install, pipeline that pressure can not meet the demands of air blower ventilate occasion use oblique pipeline of flowing etc. air blower best choice in axle person who flow.

  ◆ Mix and flow the air blower

     Is it flow air blower to lie between axle flow air blower and a kind of new-type air blower of at odds with the community or the leadership air blower to mix, it has a advantage of the two concurrently. The air blower flows high than the axle in the wind pressure, the wind amount is heavier than the at odds with the community or the leadership air blower, there is air axial that flows, the high-efficient running area is wide , with low noises, the structure is compact, install it conveniently, the low grade characteristic of the product cost.SWF The type is high-efficient, the low noise mixes and flows the ventilator , apply to ventilate , arrange the wind in the civil building extensively, Leng Ku , textile ,etc. change more operating mode conditions . Can substitute the low-voltage at odds with the community or the leadership air blower .


 ◆ The warm air blower flows in axis

    The warm air blower flows in the NC type , Model NA axis, it is one of the commonly used alone heating ventilation facilities, used in the industrial and mining , workshop of enterprises and large-scale public building extensively. Utilize it to supply with the hot air to the workshop or the room directly. This warm air blower is used in the heating system of the steam or the hot matchmaker . It can make the indoor air heat rapidly , to the factory building of discontinuity heating and ventilation and public building it is very suitable .
Structure characteristic: Of simple structure, installation is convenient, safeguard conveniently. Weight original metal , Aom of type , Su pigeonhole slices of air humidifier light 30%. There is little steel consumption, transport it conveniently. The air heater adopts the advanced craft to be processed, it is steady that wing one is in charge of being exposed to compactness , firm , conducts heat performance with dispelling the heat in heat dissipation, hot performance exceeds the air heater of the original Su type , the appearance is beautiful , performance is good. Person who blow and produce heat exceed axle , Aom-50 of type , Su shed the warm air blower , cancel the rings at the warm air blower, set up the base united with the axle of the support to install for the bracket.

  ◆ The high temperature of GYF series fire control arranges the cigarette air    blower

    It is of good performance to able to bear the high temperature: Air blower is it accord with GBJ45- 82 fire control norm test standard request , is it higher than standard enterprise this accuse of system of guaranteeing to set up to test, can under being at 280 degrees Centigrade terms not high- temperature in succession it run on the 30 minute,last 20 hour temperature of 100 degrees Centigrades in succession under terms /damage time, occasion of applying to advanced civil building , oven , underground storehouse , satisfying one extensively etc..
    Suitable and in extensive range: Can adopt and change speed or drive the form rapidly more according to different requests of the advanced civil building , in order to be up to the purpose that a machine two uses.
    With high efficiency: This air blower adopts the advanced CAD series software, the new products developed by many goal optimization design. Through survey, air blower efficiency greater than 80%, part machine No. greater than 85%, and have the characteristics that the efficiency curve is smooth , is favorable to energy-conservation.
     Install little convenient , occupation of land: This air blower basic pattern flow air blower for axle , can is it install with the wall to connect with tuber pipe directly. Have saved the floor space to a great extent. Meanwhile, not affected by big machine number , strong wind quantity , adopt the electrical machinery and unite the way directly , it is more reliable to enable running.     

 ◆ Glass fibre reinforced plastic hood

  一、 Spherical hood
  二、 Round umbrella hood
  三、 Toper hood
  四、 Tube shape hood
  五、 Tube shape hood drip set
  六、 The rotating type of glass fibre reinforced plastic arranges hoods

 ◆ TDJF type electronic pedal air blower

  This product is handsome in appearance , the structure is compact, the noise is low, performance stability, is the ventilation facilities in the modern people's air defense with essential project.
 ◆ Glass fibre reinforced plastic ventilator of the Model ST
 ◆ Simple and easy type , shutter type glass fibre reinforced plastic ventilation fan

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