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  The glass fibre reinforced plastic stores the pot

  Various kinds of glass fibre reinforced plastic that our company produces are horizontal, store the pot vertically , transport the pot, the container and large-scale serial containers, select the ring oxygen furane resins for use , modify with the medium according to users or mylar , phenol aldehyde and resin are the binder , one that is by high resin content lining , prevention of seepage layer , fibre is it strengthen layer and appearance antiabrasion layer make up to twine in being corrosion-resistant. Products working temperature in- 50-80 degrees Centigrade between,able to bear it press generally formerly under 6.4Mpa. Able to bear pressing, corrosion-resistant , resist the advantage of wearing out , having long performance life etc. and have light , intensity high , the prevention of seepage , insulates against heat , insulating , nonpoisonous and such characteristics as the surface is smooth. Can apply to the petroleum extensively , trades , such as chemical industry , textile , printing and dye , electricity , transportation , food making , artificial synthesis , giving draining off water , desalinization , water conservancy irrigating and national defence project ,etc..

  The glass fibre reinforced plastic ventilates the cupboard

  The ventilation cupboard is a kind of ventilation facilities used extensively both at home and abroad at present, suitable for the new-type craft equipment of the factory building of air conditioner, in the trades , such as electron , chemical industry , machinery , medical science , etc., and the universities and colleges, the laboratory is used widely. With the constant development of the modern science and technology, becoming stricter to the production process conditions, the use of ventilating the cupboard is more extensive. But to ventilate medium , appearance performance of cupboard require higher and higher too , the ventilation cupboard which our factory produced, regard glass fibre reinforced plastic as the basic material to make.
      Its characteristic: The intensity is high , light , is able to bear rottenly turbidly , the color and luster is coordinated beautifully .
      Routine size specification : 1200x850x2350, 1500x850x2350, 1800x850x2350 , 2400x850x2350, can order the serial products of ventilation cupboard suitable for various kinds of occasions according to the needs of user .

  Well lid series of glass fibre reinforced plastic
  It is the main industrial chemicals that this product adopts the unsaturated polyester resin, through heating pressurizing to make, have good resisting and assaulting intensity and corrosion- resistant performance , have it than the better technical feature and practicability of the like product (such as the casting iron , cement basement well lid ), used in basement well lid of the urban road , inspection shaft of water Bi , communication , natural gas pipeline , well lid of the chemical base inspection shaft extensively, and it design it is the rational, the light, can colouring advantage,it is install and not maintaining not if distinguishing , bring by heavy convenience verying not to give, at the same time because this product does not have recycled value, from solving and steal the danger brought to pedestrian and vehicle at all.
  Quote the standard: Accord with the standard of Ministry of Construction CJ/3012-93 " well lid of casting iron ".
  Specification of the well lid:
  Can be divided according to the standard of bearing the weight of: P- ordinary for type (10T) Z- heavy-duty (24T ) for TZ- specially type of three kinds not heavy-duty (36T ).
  Specification : P type: Φ 800x45, Φ 730x45, Φ 700x40, Φ 600x40; Z type: Φ 800x60, Φ 700x60, Φ 650x60, Φ 600x60; TZ type: Φ 800x90, Φ 730x85, Φ 700x80.
  Rain Bi's specification : □750x450x70mm □750x450x40mm.
  Scope of application : This product is suitable for the flexible lane , projects , such as municipal passway , communication , power supply ,etc., suitable for underground piping inspection shaft of the urban road , sewage well , communication well , cable well , afforestation well , natural gas well , chemical well ,etc., totally accord with the bearing standard of " well lid of casting iron ", in a situation that the well lid of casting iron is lacked, but repair " the black hole " fast, and block and repeat stolen possibility , reduce and change degree of difficulty of construction and cost that the well lid and flat of the whole basement bring on a large scale greatly . And is set up and requires to classify , colour according to the project of all city.

  Glass fibre reinforced plastic ladder

  The glass fibre reinforced plastic ladder is the glass fibre reinforced plastic composite products adopting the steel core and is strengthened, it is light for it to have, ageing-resistant corrosion- resistant, intensity high, install characteristic such as being convenient, can lighten the intensity of construction , lengthen the life-span of serving , surmount 3-4 times of advantages of steel.
  The high temperature gets together and draws the manufacturing engineering of crowding, sell excellent technology , isosceles ladder-shaped stability modelling wholly, the ladder is propped up , the ladder foot slip resistance is designed, China's empty structure.
  Specification type : FS: Single ladder , FC: Inject ladder , FE: Flexible ladder , FKL: Joint ladder , FD: Word ladders of people , FED: Flexible ladder of words of people , FESD: Single flexible ladder of word , FR: Rope ladder , FH: Hang ladder , FL in making up type: It is flat to hang ladder , FT: The sleeve pipe ladder of the voltage transformer , the ladder is wide, the ladder is long and the ladder prop up the interval and can be produced wantonly according to user's request.
  Performance index :
  Accord with GB17620-19988 standard , is suitable for the resistivity 10 13Ω of surface of grade of 220V voltage;
   Compression strength 602Mpa;
   Press the intensity 139Mpa of shear ;
   Assault toughness 450kg.cm/cm2;
   Shear intensity 24MPa among layer.
  Characteristic of the products:
  Insulating and of good performance, suitable for the grade of voltage under 220KV;
    Defend the slip bar and take and defend the slide foot and is made of hard quality rubber , have good wearability and able to bear the waiting ;
    Light in the epoxy resin ladder at the same level, low absorbing water rate;
    Elastic material is difficult to be tired, safe coefficient is high;
    Bright in luster, colour-fast , corrosion-resistant, create the beautiful working environment ;
    Low absorbing water rate.

Craft products of glass fibre reinforced plastic

     The development that our factory has already engaged in the heterotypic products of glass fibre reinforced plastic been can manufacture various kinds of FRP glass fibre reinforced plastic products according to customer's enquiry for many years.

     Can accept projects of manufacturing and installing of different craft products of glass fibre reinforced plastic , posts of glass fibre reinforced plastic relief , round carving , mountains and rivers potted landscape , Rome , mural painting , sandstone series , flowerpot ,etc..

Time goddess
Relief mural painting of glass fibre reinforced plastic
The glass fibre reinforced plastic " joins the shell structure "
Glass fibre reinforced plastic vase

Glass fibre reinforced plastic flowerpot

Emulation plant of glass fibre reinforced plastic

Mountains and rivers view of glass fibre reinforced plastic

Glass fibre reinforced plastic " music bridge "

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