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  FRP ventilation shaft can be divided into the material: Organic glass fibre reinforced plastic and two kinds of inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic.

    First, organic glass fibre reinforced plastic ventilation shaft :

  Shaping easy light to install , not corrosion-resistant and of good perfo-rmance is it strike of good performance , able to bear swimming skill kind to resisting while being easy, can process into the ventilation shafts of different size specifications . But because the fabrication cost is high, popularize the range slightly in the inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic in using, suit spending on and requiring the strict , shock-resistant place to expect much to whole weight. Select for use material strengthen for glass fibre cloth add unsa-turated polyester resin binder and other packing dose pharmaceutical is it make to paste mainly.

 二、 inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic ventilation shaft

Performance Brief introduction

  Modify , the firing type inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic ventilation shaft is a chlorine oxygen magnesium cement ventilation shaft of the glass fibre , it is the glued material with water chest-nut magnesium inorganic composite(inorganic material , glue congeal materials , hate water material) to be, regard glass fiber cloth as and strengthen materials, mix with and increase the tough pharmaceut-ical , strengthen the pharmaceutical and resisting water pharmaceut-ical, through strict modulation procedure , processing technology and course of maintaining , form water result that the crystallization st-eel holds the skeleton and hole structure in place with a net / harden the body. It has a light quality to excel in, corrosion-resistant to is it wear out , not nonpoisonous and pollution-free is it shake sound of disappearing , keep insulate against heat , heat-resisting fire , out of shape , crackle , suck the tide , return to bittern warm to re-ducing to resist, the advantage such as being good of volume stabilit-y, and have long performance life. Thus it is apt to burn to solve the organic glass fibre reinforced plastic tuber pipe , the iron sheet tu-ber pipe is apt to corrode , the noise is loud, and use the shortlived difficult problem . And, this product is lower than the organic tuber pipe price of glass fibre reinforced plastic in price. It is the most ideal equipment related to central air conditioner. So, its applicati-on in each field of national economy has suitable potentiality to be exploited and market competitiveness , the markets accounted for are expanding gradually, it is the most ideal products ventilated in the room of heavy construction at present and even in the future.

Products Type

  Water chestnut magnesium inorganic composite but design relatively heavy degree of freedom have, restrict by size of the products , form , the shaping craft is convenient. So our factory uses the products that this material produces various, for instance: Used in various kinds of roofing pan tiles of the building decoration industries , blowdown pipeline of water drainage, stick to the panel , roofs hang, cleaners and polishes , purifying the trough , prefabricated house , retail kiosk , partition wall board , lines , line board , thread angle , relief , statue , dado , spherical water tank ,etc.. Use for an outer cover of train , packing box , container of transport service type , cover covering , bumper , empty , adjusts and be open , arrange the wind pipeline. Used in the pipeline , ground level ground , water tank , cable bridge shelf , electric control cabinet of petrochemical industry electricity industries , keep the wall lamp pole , sticky t-ape cargo airplane rain-proof warm to cover. Because the chemical pr-operty of this product is steady, suitable for the machined saw, plane , bore , punch; The ones that decorated and processed stick to the surface , spraying , flocking, electroplated; Colour pearly-lustre that process, the light produced by electricity , reflects light and various kinds of.

Pipeline Kind

  Divide from the structure of the tuber pipe : There are integral , making up type , assembling type three kinds; Divide from the function of the tuber pipe : There are air conditioners , blowing , arranging a kind of three kinds of wind (the cigarette ); Divide from the performance of keeping warm: There are single wall types , intermediate layer type two kinds; Demand to divide since installa-tion: There are concealing types , exposing type two kinds. And it is convenient to transport, the operating expenses are low, needn't have maintenance, service life is as long as more than 50 years.

Outstanding Advantage

  Toughness and able to bear the swimming skill and superior to other like prod-ucts of this product. Inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic of firing etc. on the market conspicuous shortcoming that ventilation shaft exist fragility heavy at present, press with hand heavy piece of products hear bad-tempered Ga noise promp-tly , this show already in two surface produce in a large amount of crackle inside and outside products. Is it is it can hear crisp prove products to be fragility heavy too to beat to go on to products. Carry course and unavoidable to bludgon into and pushed under the some situation that can't expect in products like this, it is easy to produce a large number of hair crackle on the internal and external surface , cause the moisture content to permeate through the crackle, thus reduced the service life of the tuber pipe . In order to remove above-mentioned disadvan-tages, our factory has added the tough pharmaceutical of increasing and strengthe-ned the pharmaceutical in production, have improve the toughness of the products remarkably, has removed the deficiency influencing service life because the fragi-lity of the products is big. We are on the basis of summarizing and studying and producing magnesium products experience of the water chestnut for many years, for strengthen swimming skill of able to bearing of products , add patented product resist ink pharmaceutical among products, in this way , can guarantee that the pr-oducts are used all the year round . Our products are still greater than 1 by the coefficient of softenning of half a year soaked with water, there is the better one that is able to bear the swimming skill.

Application Range

  Apply to metallurgy extensively, mine, the ventilation of buildings , such as textile , tobacco , war industry , hotel , market , theatre , people's air defense project , underground parking and skyscraper ,etc. and air conditioner project. Can is it make chemical trade and other exhaust gas , discharge chimney , various kinds of oil and chemical industry storing pot drowning one of project liquid of poison gas of industry to use for.

FRP ventilation shaft one Install the method and precautions

 1 The tuber pipe should keep vertical to join , in case that the screw is damaged to Fran when
   being fastenned.
The flange interface spacer should be selected for use and does not leak gas , produce the dust
   , rubber material fine and with certain intensity of elasticity . The sealed cushion ofinterface
   is 5mm rubber cushion.   
When it tuber pipe hung,should select support for use angle bar , iron not flat of, must spacer
   in edge cushion.
The products can't be thrown while carrying and transporting, stack.
 5、 Level up bottom surface while preserving, can't be stacked on the products, in case out ofshape

FRP ventilation shaft order notice
 1 For convenient transportation, reduce the expenses, the tuber pipe can be divided and can be
   gone to the scene to manufacture for the assembling type.
2 Special size, users need to offer and make the size drawing briefly.
Our factory acts on one's behalf and transports, separately taking on and nearly way vapour
   luck, the freight charges are undertaken by users.
Our factory can accept installation business and technological guidance .
Glass fibre reinforced plastic composite performance technical indicator of the inorganic
Project name
Technical indicator
Project name
Technical indicator
Density (g/cm3)
Able to bear the oil Diesel oil #10 soaks
Have not changed
Absorbing water rate
Acid resistance 5%H 2SO4
Have not changed
Initial value of deflection of crackle
Acid resistance10%NAOH
Have not changed
Heat conduction coefficient (W/m·K)
Able to bear the salt 5%HCL
Have not changed
Coefficient of expansion (1℃)
≤3x10 -5
Heat resistance (℃)
350( The intensity does not decay )
Soften coefficient (%)
Tensile strength (MPa)
Oxygen index (%)
Bending strength (MPa)
Belong to and does not fire materials
Compression strength (MPa)
The material acid is alkaline (PH)
Assault the intensity (Kg/m3)
Toxic analysis (LD50)
>15000mg/Kg Belonging to has no toxicity basically
Measure the way

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