The products that our company produces have: Lucite , glass fibre reinforced plastic, PC daylighting is covered, installation and construction of many kinds of series of products , such as the daylighting canopy , cooling tower of glass fibre reinforced plastic , air blower , pipeline , and the clean factory building , relief craft products of glass fibre reinforced plastic ,etc.. The products have already been installed and used on more than 20 provinces , municipalities and autonomous regions and foreign-aid projects in .

  Daylighting that our company produce put on series examine by Chinese building physics research institute of academy of sciences, reach the daylighting technical standard of national doors and windows , is determined as the quality product and popularized the whole country.

  There is complete technical data in our company, the engineering design with fast standard, have sound quality certification systems, there is streamlined installation service of reliable , high quality , welcome the common cooperation of the friends from all walks of life.

  "keep improving, clients firsting" is the supreme aim of this enterprise. We will be heightenning the level of quality control constantly, will offer resting assured , satisfactory service to consumer. Offer the quality product and good service to user and market.



Brief introduction of enterprises

 Beijing jinghua cheng ming Environmental Technology Co. Ltd primary Beijing city Fengtai JINGWAH glass materials factory was founded in 1991, In response to the overall planning of the integration of Beijing and Tianjin municipal government's call, the reorganization of the company in 2016 officially changed its name to to Beijing jinghua cheng ming Environmental Technology Co. Ltd., the company in Beijing set up headquarters office, production base relocation of Hebei Hengshui Industrial Development Zone, in Beijing retained the assembly plant and warehouse. Company in cooperation with many national science and technology trading company was established by the pool system operating mode of cooperation, expand the company scale and strength, to provide customers with better service! For the blue sky of the motherland!

This company is the production of architectural lighting and glass steel products and anti-corrosion engineering Professional Company. Over the years with the Academy of Sciences, Institute of design in close cooperation, joint research and development of various lighting products and used in all parts of the country. The existing staff of more than 100 people, established in the country more than production base. Due to the years adhere to quality first principle, pay attention to the quality of the products, was approved as China FRP Industry Association member, member of Chinese Society for corrosion and protection, China Association for engineering construction standardization lighting committee member.

The company's main products: lighting cover series / glass steel mining mask, organic glass mask, polycarbonate PC endurance board mining mask, scrub type mining mask, architectural lighting cover. A series of architectural lighting / Lighting studio studio, sunshine board daylighting canopy, PC panel light shed, greenhouse, zihangchepeng. Rooflights series manual / electric skylight, skylight, smoke skylight, diffuse skylight, ventilation skylight, skylight roof insulation, explosion-proof, anti UV skylight etc.. In addition the company can according to the customer request to make various lighting lighting room, corridor, channel engineering. A series of glass steel products / glass steel cooling tower, glass steel tank, glass steel ventilation ducts, glass steel ventilation cabinet, glass steel ventilation machine, FRP tanks, FRP trench cover, glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks, glass steel tile, glass steel, glass steel insulation board, epoxy self leveling, glass steel anti-corrosion waterproof construction, embossed steel glass handicraft products, development of glass of various special-shaped steel products development.

Glass steel products produced by the company and the engineering construction in all parts of the country are well received by users.

The company production of lighting products series by building science Chinese Institute of physics test, have reached the national window lighting technology standards, was designated as high-quality products and to promote the country.

The company has a complete technical information, standard of engineering design, sound quality assurance system, reliable, high quality of processing, production, transportation, installation, one-stop service system, welcome friends from all walks of life together.

"Excellence, customer first" is the highest purpose of the enterprise. We must constantly improve the quality management level, to provide consumers with more confidence and satisfaction service. To provide quality products and quality service for customers and market.

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