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   Concrete roof beam structure roofing method : The building construction constructs and already cuts the roofing apart into several small-scale entrances to a cave according to the designing requirement, state that construct according to the building construction
   There is the following several kinds method basically :


 1、 The concrete roof beam structure wooden bezel connects the method: Building construction make the concrete structure and make the gutter of draining off water daylighting borehole wall according to designing requirement, adopt right picture shown wooden bezel connect method , wooden bezel should with roof beam structure bloated and firm finishing antiseptic to punish while being waterproof concrete have.  

  Note : Well word roof beam width smaller than 250m , seldom lighter than 300mm according to local rainfall definitely highly, the width 60mm of borehole wall of the daylighting, the height is not smaller than 150mm .

 Note: PC daylighting put on daylighting it puts on to be the same at method with PMMA, put on to some extent distinguishing with FRP daylighting, FRP daylighting leave first line of a couplet regular way on routine, but FRP daylighting is it can adopt PC , PMMA daylighting unite the regular method by putting on to put on, but the wide size is changed to some extent.

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