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  Structure roofing method of the steelframe : The building construction constructs and has not made the word roof beam structure of the well , just leave a rectangle , square or round entrance to a cave, according to size and designing requirement in the entrance to a cave
  There are two kinds of following methods in the routine

 2、 Grid structure The method is it it gives to be relatively heavy to leave entrance to a cave to suitable for, general light steel construction unable to is it load state of request also adopt the grid structure form to meet.

  There are two kinds of forms on the method

 ① Whole daylighting: Namely the above network shelves are all made into the structure form in which the daylighting covers. As right picture shows.

 ② Some daylighting: Namely network shelf make structure form that daylighting put on into by upper a part, another part make into other keep structure form of board warm (routine adopt and insert the stamen roof boarding). If pursue to show under right.


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