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  Construct state according to building construction, daylighting canopy can divide into 3 kinds roughly from structure form :

 一、 Join the form structure 二、 Slope form structure 三、 Spherical structure  

Join the form Structure


 G-90 :
  Approximate 1/4 of the round orphans, the daylighting canopy of 90 degrees of arches.

   Suitable for not smaller than 100-175 times of the thickness of panel in local R radiuses , such as the corridor , gate canopy ,, B1, B2 (body wide high canopy have) difficult and too heavy, the length does not restrict .

   Approximate 1/2 of the round orphans, round of 180 degrees joins, the semicircle arch daylighting canopy.

  Suitable for the numerous places , such as the public corridor , workshop factory building , hall , the large canopy of the greenhouse ,etc., R radius smaller than panel 100-175 of thickness , join high H exceed B/2 , difficult and too heavy span have, the length does not restrict .

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