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  Construct state according to building construction, daylighting canopy can divide into 3 kinds roughly from structure form :

 一、 Join the form structure 二、 Slope form structure 三、 Spherical structure  

Slope form structure



  Single slope
daylighting canopy

  Suitable for the gate

 P-2 :

  Sharp slope daylighting
canopy of two sides of
bodily form of awl.

  Suitable for numerous occasions , such as factory building of the workshop , bicycle shed , large canopy of greenhouse ,etc.. The span is difficult to exceed 20m, the length does not restrict , it is B/4 to join high H routine.

 P-4 :

  Sharp slope daylighting canopy on four sides of bodily form of awl.

  Suitable for requiring the modelling in central hall ,etc. Beautiful place


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