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The turning on type skylight series are that our company introduce domestic and international some advanced equipment, been studied meticulously for many years, and a series of developed is suitable for opening it of the building roof Window. Have many kinds of functions , such as daylighting , ventilates , arranging hotly , arranges cigarettes and automatic , manual ,etc. in the integrative intellectual serial products of skylight .

  Open the skylight to use and dividing two big classes basically functionally:
                              1, manual opening type 2, electronic opening type

  Manual opening type :

   Characteristic: Pneumatic push rod, it is simple , durable to operate.   

   Open it highly : Routine for 400mm (the too big,open contained angle should below
   30 degrees of).   

   Open the size: You had better not exceed 2000mm .  

   Use: Suitable for the building roof of the lower and open the series of the
   skylight .

  Electronic opening type :

   Characteristic: Electronic push rod is easy to operate , durable in use.

   Open it highly : The routine, for not exceeding 400mm .

   Open the size: Do not restrict , increase the quantity of the push rod properly
   according to the size of opening.

   Use: Suitable for opening the series of the skylight of any building of roofs.
    Intellectual skylight On the electronic foundation of opening the skylight, set up the equipment , such as the intellectual switch board , cigarette sense / the warm sense popping one's head , wind / rain sense popping one's head and manual urgent button ,etc., can establish the control method to start the skylight according to user's enquiry , can satisfy user manual open is it is it can reach turn on automatically control diversely to ask to want. This system can link with computer computer , can hang with the central fire-fighting system , and very compatible with BAS , which reaches the building really intelligent energy-conservation is controlled.

Intellectual switch board

Intellectual controller

Intellectual control graphic presentation

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