The products that our company produces have: Lucite , glass fibre reinforced plastic, PC daylighting is covered, installation and construction of many kinds of series of products , such as the daylighting canopy , cooling tower of glass fibre reinforced plastic , air blower , pipeline , and the clean factory building , relief craft products of glass fibre reinforced plastic ,etc.. The products have already been installed and used on more than 20 provinces , municipalities and autonomous regions and foreign-aid projects in .

  Daylighting that our company produce put on series examine by Chinese building physics research institute of academy of sciences, reach the daylighting technical standard of national doors and windows , is determined as the quality product and popularized the whole country.

  There is complete technical data in our company, the engineering design with fast standard, have sound quality certification systems, there is streamlined installation service of reliable , high quality , welcome the common cooperation of the friends from all walks of life.

  "keep improving, clients firsting" is the supreme aim of this enterprise. We will be heightenning the level of quality control constantly, will offer resting assured , satisfactory service to consumer. Offer the quality product and good service to user and market.

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