After-sale service

  Our company, in line with the enterprise service aim that quality is the first, customer is the highest, in order to guarantee all users' normal rights and interests, our company promises the construction of the project and products and after-sale service followingly :

1 、Bear our company products and project raw materials their that make strictly according to implement material producer of national standard choose, implement various kinds of orderly quality assurance measures in course of constructing and course of manufacturing , guarantee that the project products reach the quality requirements of the craft , technical indicator.

2 、This project product is in the course of constructing and manufacturing , accept unit concerned and personnel that unit concerned trust go on checking , confirmation , guidance to project product at any time, the personnel of our factory must do the work of cooperating well actively , guarantee that the project is under the inspection state of each side at any time, so as to ensure that the product quality of the project is in best state.

3 、After it is qualified to be made available to the users that the project products are delivered and constructed and confirmed, within one year to make our factory project products is it maintain free to implement(artificial damage non-). If users find quality problems , we , after receiving user's notice by any way in the course of using, reach the scene and carry on maintenance in quickest way. After expiring, our factory is it implement the maintenance service to the project to continue, but collect certain cost expenses with conditions one year.

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